White Leather Weather

asos_white_leather_trousers_photoshoot_heels_missguided_blue_bralet_london_street_styleasos_white_leather_trousers_photoshoot_heels_missguided_blue_bralet_london_street_styleasos_white_leather_trousers_photoshoot_heels_missguided_blue_bralet_london_street_styleasos_white_leather_trousers_photoshoot_heels_missguided_blue_bralet_london_street_styleasos_white_leather_trousers_photoshoot_heels_missguided_blue_bralet_london_street_styleASOS Leather Trousers / Topshop Cardi / Missguided Bralet / ASOS Heels / ASOS Fedora

This post is a bit photo heavy but that’s because I literally can’t get enough of my white leather trousers. Yep, you heard right: white leather trousers, AKA the DREAM. They are everything I could hope for in a leather trouser and more. So much more. Leather trousers are notoriously tricky bastards and it’s very rare that you find a pair that are flattering and wearable. Now, whilst this pair of molto marvelloso leather pants might not be totes wearable  (I can’t really properly sit down in them – like the kind of sitting you do on the central line in rush hour where your knees are tucked under your chin. Yeah, can’t do that.) they are getting softer minute by minute – I have faith that I’ll be cartwheeling in ’em before I knows it – and they look miles better on than t’other leather trousers I own, so winner winner chicken dinner I say! The beaut heels are ASOS (again, not totes wearable but practice makes perfect) and the bralet is a cheeky Missguided purchase that set me back all of £10. Bargain.

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