How To Dress For Winter While Keeping One Foot Firmly In Summer

It’s niche, sure, but necessary; for, you see, I am not one of these fascinating souls who has a dedicated ‘winter wardrobe’ and ‘summer wardrobe’. Nah-uh, honey. WHAT KIND OF MADNESS IS THAT?!

So many clothes, so thoughtlessly set aside for half the year. Six months in solitude. 25 weeks spent wondering how they disappointed you. 175 days left vacuum-packed in the attic, with only your dad for company during that five minute visit when he shimmies himself on up to retrieve the Christmas decorations. What did they ever do to deserve such a fate? Well don’t fear, funky threads, because I’m here to make sure that you stay put. Thank me later (preferably by hopping into my wardrobe thank you please). Allow me to demonstrate how you can make like RiRi and work, work, work, work, work your sunshine regalia into your winter steez…

Daisy Duke’s are for life, not just for summer.

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Sandwiched by fluff, JUST HOW I LIKE IT.

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I’m an advocate of denim hot-pants all year round. I know, I know: controversial. My debatable denim affliction ensures I receive a lot of double takes come the depths of winter (largely from mystified and miffed OAPs) but I stand by my beliefs: denim short shorts are the foundation upon which all great outfits are made. They’re the biscuity base of the fashion world, if you will.

Don’t send your sandals into early retirement.

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Slides are for life, not just for summer.

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Just don’t do it, OK? I understand that frostbite is real and toes are precious but so are those shearling slides you busted an ass saving for (well done, by the way). While I don’t wholly endorse wearing flip flops during a deep freeze, I do champion slipping your gams into your favourite slides when weather permits. They deserve an outing. And maybe an Instagram photo.

Keep your summer cap close and your pom poms closer.

I’m a fan of fedoras – aren’t we all? – but wearing one requires you have both hands free to ensure a gust of wind doesn’t send it flying unceremoniously off your cranium. For this reason, keep your cap close. Y’know, that same cap you wore to death this summer 2K16 after seeing Kylie Jenner in it? Well grab that cap by its perfect little peak and slap some pom poms on it! Furry or knitted, it doesn’t really matter. The bigger, the bolder, the better.

Add a shedload of shearling.

The key to acing any outfit – and I truly mean any outfit – is to add a shedload of texture. Whether that be shearling, feather, faux fur or velvet; chuck it atop your basics and you’re basically a street style shot waiting to happen. I use this rule exhaustively. So much so that my wardrobe rails are buckling under the pressure of all the fluff. My mum’s livid. My outfits, however, have never looked better. You know what to do…

See how happy I am with my life choices? That, laydeez and gents, is the smug face of a woman at one with her choice of footwear. Do you consider yourself sufficiently schooled in the art of dressing for winter while keeping one slider-clad foot firmly in summer? You do? Oh, how wonderful! You’re welcome, babycakes.

This was originally written for Fashion Fix Daily.

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