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  1. You’re Dorothy in the Wizard of Blog and just let us peek behind the curtain!! Hehe. I sometimes keep my most hilarious outtakes too for giggles later. Imagine how many weird stares we get in the North East where people REALLY don’t get it! That’s why I shoot mostly before 10am on a Sunday xx

  2. Ahhh thank ya so much, you diamond!! That means a lot. I’m always incredibly happy to hear people enjoy reading my blog, so thanks guuurl ? x

  3. Ughhh – you said it!!
    You nailed it all in this post.
    And don’t forget the people who want to somehow involve themselves in your shoot.

    This one time I was shooting, didn’t have my buddy with me so it was just me and my tripod, and this random guy just came up, got behind the camera and started GIVING ME DIRECTION.
    Umm…umm…wait, dude what the fuck are you doing?
    “I’m just saying your pose is all wrong, you wanna face that way honey – let the sun catch your eyes”
    The sun catch my eyes?? I’m wearing fucking sunglasses!
    “Well maybe you should take them off.”

    I. Can’t. Even.


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