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  1. Chloe Laws says

    Amen to this- I’ve still got a year left till I graduate and I’m already having a QLC. Just keep being a fab writer & drink lots of wine and it’ll all work out, thats my motto anyway. x

  2. pieandfash says

    “Just keep swimming, just keep swimming!” Cherish your penultimate year! I wish with all my might I’d cherished it a little more (partied more, slept more, ate more etc etc) and done some serious networking that would help me out in later life. Your blog and your writing are fandabidosey (I especially love your latest post about social media) so just keep at it and get your name out there! In a few years time you won’t be in my predicament, you will be THRIVING! x

  3. Chloe Laws says

    Thank you girrrl! I think I need to do a little less eating/sleeping/partying but deffo need to get on the networking. Keep doing your thanggg (to quote mean girls), and I’m sure great opportunities will come your way x

  4. Some guy says

    I read a quote once and more surprisingly remembered it

    You can’t plough fields by turning it over in your mind.

    This blog is great, not to quote batman but

    Why do we fall, sir? So that we can learn to pick ourselves up.

  5. pieandfash says

    Thank you, kind sir. I really love the plough quote; I shall endeavour not to plough these damned fields so often. Your wisdom and Batman quotes are highly appreciated and always welcome on this ‘ere corner of t’internet. x

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