All The Ways You Can Legit Wear Pyjamas From AM to PM

Remember back in 2k10 when Tesco famously banned shoppers from donning pyjamas in store? Well, fast-forward six years and allow me to introduce you to the new normal. Inspired by the catwalk and the sidewalk (street style stars, I’m looking at you), I’ve more than happily – nay, giddily! – taken to wearing my PJs as standard daytime attire. I basically live in the things. And you know what? It’s the dreamiest decision I’ve ever made. Here’s how you can make your sleep steez work from AM to PM, as illustrated by me: the pyjamaster.

Printed sets: Think your fave floral set is strictly for snoozeville? Nah-uh, honey. Time to splash some cold water on your face and look at your trusty cotton jim jams with renewed eyes. Team with your freshest white sneaks and add some daytime detail via the medium of layered necklaces.

Silky sets: Like your printed PJs, but with a snazzy twist. A silky-ass set is a surefire way to cement your status as a master of the pyjama, while ensuring that you’ve got one foot firmly in the land of appropriate daytime apparel. If it’s good enough for RiRi, right?

Slips: Take on 90s Kate and Naomi and reclaim the nightie. This slinky piece of underwear has been lauded dance-floor dynamite. ? Comfortable enough to lounge around in, but sassy enough to ensure you don’t look out of place in the club; you can go from booze to snooze in one dress.

Nighties: Think floor-skimming and willowy as hell. And, before you start worrying that you look more appropriate for an evening out on the razz with a squad of MET Gala attendees, consider this: any seemingly ‘dressy’ get-up is easily toned down with the help of some comfy kicks and a casual jacket.

Kimonos: We think you mean kimo-YES! I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again: kimonos are here to answer all your summer jacket prayers. Does it matter if that kimono came from the outwear department or the PJ department? Nope.

Bodies: They may be problematic at times (if you don’t know what I mean, allow me to direct your attention to these 12 things that happen every time you wear a body), but an 80s body is a fashion saviour now. How do you style it? Pop your bod under an oversized shirt (unbuttoned, natch) and your favourite pair of mom jeans, and embrace your lingerie-meets-practical daytime get-up.

Robes: Lacy or silky, pick your poison and say a fabulous ‘HEY GUUUURL!’ to your new go-to outfit upgrader. Feeling a bit basic in your duds? If you want to pack a punch, opt for a floor-length robe. Now put your best slipper-clad foot forward and ace PJ power-dressing.

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