What The Hell Is In My Bag?

Have you ever found yourself wondering what the hell I lug around in my handbag? Have the mysteries that lay deep within my backpack kept you up at night? Have you arisen as your alarm rang, shrilly, and berated yourself for spending so much of your evening – nay, LIFE! – consumed by thoughts of my many compartmentalised zipper sections? I thought as much. Fear not, my compadres, for I have heard your pleas and I have sought to ANSWER THEM. Once and for all. You are so welcome.

I think you may have gathered by now: THERE’S A NEW YOUTUBE VIDEO, BETCHES. I may be wildly biased but I think it’s the best yet; mainly due to the fact that I’ve discovered how to add background music and remove it at pivotal moments for maximum comedic effect. I implore y’all to watch it; if not for me, do it for Gemma’s magnificent mane. (Honestly, she has tresses that look like they’ve been woven by gods.)

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