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  1. Dulcie says

    These photos are fabulous I think your boyfriend did swell! I’m very jels – I’d like some like this but I don’t think my cheese plant would do such a good job.
    Also can’t believe I’ve been following you on insta for this long and not read your blog properly, you’re hilarious x

  2. pieandfash says

    Hahaha 1. your cheese plant sounds delightful (I had to google ‘cheese plant’ because I had ZERO IDEA THERE WAS SUCH A PLANT) and 2. Jack is over the moon with that review of his handiwork. He thanks you profusely! And I thank you profusely for this incredibly lovely message. You angel. THANK YOU ✨ ?

  3. Lulutrixabelle says

    I just love you! Giving me so much home inspo rn girlll! I think we need to be IRL friends. Lulu xx <3 <3

  4. pieandfash says

    BBZ, BRING YOUR ASS OVER!!!!!!!!!!! (I mean it!) (Truly.) (And thank you; you are THE LOVELIEST AND SASSIEST OF THEM ALL.) ?

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