PFW: Wunderkind SS14


WUNDERKIND, WHY SO WUNDERFUL?! I am totally aware of the fact that the Wunderkind SS14 collection is enough to make many people recoil in utter horror, though quite why that would happen is honestly beyond me. Look at it, will you! You’ve got florals, you’ve got fringing, you’ve got rainbows, you’ve got stripes, you’ve got sheer, mesh, chiffon, leather, net and metallics! You’ve even got sodding world FLAGS! What more could you want? If you can even answer that question I can only assume that you’re very demanding and probably a bit of an arsehole. I kid! But srsly tho, if these garms aren’t giving you everything you need then I am truly at my wits end.

First and foremost, let’s talk about those jumpsuits! Cheese and rice. If I were to be a jumpsuit, I would most certainly be that belted rainbow number. No doubt in my mind. I am bang in love with the print, it’s like a really well executed floral patchwork rug. The floral suit is positively divine (high-waisted, flared and absofuckinglutely beautiful) and I too would don it with a netted top, and if I had her tits then I’d most definitely be getting those out too. 70’s influence is prevalent throughout the collection and I am feeling it so much I am practically funky chicken’ing all over the shop as I type this. I am so in love with Wunderkind’s SS14 offering that I literally want to have a debrief on every single look but I feel that might be a bit obsessional, so I’ll just cover the pointers: that blue leather fringed jacket – unreal; florals on florals on florals – only ever a good thing; that silk rainbow ombre kaftan – has ‘belle of the beach’ written all over it; and that silky, muted rainbow stripe, plunging neckline, split-thigh, floor-length number – jaw on the floor material.

The Wunderkind SS14 collection is fierce, fabulous, floral, throwback and completely and utterly fucking funky. There aren’t enough words to do it justice.
Funk’ing ‘ell.

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