PFW: Balenciaga SS14

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Right, so Balenciaga might’ve not been my fav SS14 collection but who am I to question the work of  the garment wizard that is Alexander Wang?! Wang took over at the helm as Balenciaga’s creative director, replacing Nicolas Ghesquière, back in 2012 and the SS14 show was his first womenswear show since being given that grandiose title. Technicalities out the way, phew. Less of the informative chat, let’s talk about those clothes. Gaga for Balenciaga, I am!

They have ‘GIRL’ written all over them. Feminine, flirty, floral and flared, in fresh fabrics and pastel hues, with the obligatory nod to the winning blue, black and grey combo. This is what feminine minimalist would look like, if such a thing were to exist. Cute, compact and – in keeping with Wang’s general aesthetic – SPORTY, with as much leg on show as humanly possible (always a thumbs-up in my world). Sporty separates are drenched in the lushest pastel hues known to man and given kick-out flares and dainty trim detailing, putting a firm stamp on the collection that says “I am girly and I’m sporty and, you know what, it WORKS. Look at me! I am incredible feat of engineering with legs up to my eyeballs and a mean backhand. Take that, muvafucka” although I don’t imagine the Balenciaga SS14 girl says ‘muvafucka’ but maybe she does. WHO KNOWS! She is an enigma! Co-ords are given an update with athletic shapes and your typical biker styles are switched up and feminised the fuck out of with pastel pink tweed. Sheer, short, peplum, hareems, organza overlays and a bout of monochrome madness as the show came to an end – you name it, Wang has sportified it. Successfully sportified it, may I add.

Some of the dresses from the collection channel a Quality Street vibe which evokes mixed feelings within me, ’cause I’m a ‘Celebrations’ girl at heart. Alas, if Quality Street looked this good then I wouldn’t hesitate to jump ship. Sorry glorious Maltesers, it’s been nice knowing ya.

Wang for world leader!!

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