Pluming ‘Ell

I felt like a queen dashing in and out of The Langham, whilst the doormen tended to my suitcase, in this luminous plume and sassy fringed heels. A QUEEN, I TELL YE!

How I Survive London Fashion Week

Unless you live under a rock, you might’ve noticed that #LFW happened recently. And, as anticipated, it slayed me in every which way possible.

Sports Luxe, Innit

SS15 Update: Look forward to spunking all your wage on Seven Violets’ Spring/Summer collection.

Cool It, Culottes

Wanna know how much these fierce duds cost me? Seven pounds and fifty pence, bro. #truestory

Bodacious Backpack Alert

I’ve totes nailed the art of the natch and casj wall steeze. Maybe not as much as I’ve nailed the art of abbreviation.

My Mind-Blowing Mongolian Biker

After bagging this babe’ing Mongolian Biker, I left the store elevated by endorphins with only the slightest tinge of guilt and shame. A lot like how you feel after you’ve serviced yourself, supplemented with some online materials from websites I shan’t promote on this ‘ere blog.

Blue and Green Must Not Be Seen

I am at my happiest when I’m decked the fuck out in FLUFF.

You Are Gold!

Oh, Zara sale. Sweet Zara sale. You’re a monetary menace but oh how my wardrobe loves you so.