Bird is the Word

I love FEATHERS. My wardrobe is awash with feathery, fluffy, furry goodness and my god what I’d give to spend my days rolling around in it all.

The Struggle

The job hunt struggle is real. All too real. You spend some time in employment and you almost forget about the soul-destroying, all-consuming noxious grey cloud that lingered over you for months beforehand, penetrating your very being and slowly crushing all the aspirations you’d ever had. Okay, okay – crushing the one aspiration I’d ever had.

Lace On, Lace Up

My beloved marabou feather cardi has been well and truly used and abused – it’s looking a bit sad and sparse nowadays – but I’ll be damed if I stop wearing it before the final feather floats silently and sadly into the abyss. RIP ‘mazing marabou.

Rollin’ in Roses

“Daisy, why are you dressed as a trellis?” “Daisy, you look like an alternative power ranger”… Could you ask for better feedback on an outfit? I think not.

Caps and Slacks

I am fully aware that my hat could evoke a great deal of indifference amongst guys and dolls across the land but I actually adore it. I think I love it even more because so many people vehemently dislike it. Classic me.

White Leather Weather

This post is a bit photo heavy but that’s because I literally can’t get enough of my white leather trousers. Yep, you heard right: white leather trousers, AKA the DREAM.