I Had An Abortion And – Guess What! – I Feel Totally Fine About It

Question: is it weird to joke with your pregnant friends about the ferocity of your pre-abortion morning sickness? This and other questions answered within. (Photo via Pinterest)

I Can’t Get Enough of Your Fluff, Baby

When bad poses happen to good people, and even better clothes.

Why Fashion Week Makes Me Feel A Bit Shit

“Oh, you wanna photograph me? Sorry, I’m just tryna distract myself from the awkward humiliation of having no fashion week allies by cyber stalking people I don’t know on Instagram. BRB.” (ph by Cornel Petrus)

I Came, I Saw, I Unsuccessfully Contoured

In which my majestic friend, Gemma, and I attempt to navigate the murky brown waters of contouring. Spoiler alert: we don’t do it well.

Story Time: I’m Failing At Life

I DON’T ACTUALLY KNOW WHAT I’M DOING THOUGH. SOMEONE SEND FOR HELP. (ph via Charlotte Audrey Owen-Meehan, who is an artist you should *totally* check out because her art is v. colourful and v. awesome)

Why Are Periods So Taboo? Let’s Dive Into The Red Stuff

COME RIDE THE CRIMSON WAVE WITH ME and push a few haters off their boards on the way. (ph by Georgia Grace Gibson, who you should totally check out ’cause she’s crazy talented)

We Need To Talk About Masturbation

*Chandler voice* Could there be a more perfect image for me?! A vagina, made of DAISIES. Genius. I digress… Join me as I march purposefully into the unchartered territory of female masturbation, and help me put it back on the MAP. OH YEAH. (ph. source unknown)

Story Time: Anxiety Is a Bitch

Following my post on depression, I thought I’d pen a post about anxiety. Cara basically looks how I feel every time I’m coaxed into a social situation. (ph via theluxuryspot)