I Came, I Saw, I Unsuccessfully Contoured

In which my majestic friend, Gemma, and I attempt to navigate the murky brown waters of contouring. Spoiler alert: we don’t do it well.

Story Time: I’m Failing At Life

I DON’T ACTUALLY KNOW WHAT I’M DOING THOUGH. SOMEONE SEND FOR HELP. (ph via Charlotte Audrey Owen-Meehan, who is an artist you should *totally* check out because her art is v. colourful and v. awesome)

Why Are Periods So Taboo? Let’s Dive Into The Red Stuff

COME RIDE THE CRIMSON WAVE WITH ME and push a few haters off their boards on the way. (ph by Georgia Grace Gibson, who you should totally check out ’cause she’s crazy talented)

We Need To Talk About Masturbation

*Chandler voice* Could there be a more perfect image for me?! A vagina, made of DAISIES. Genius. I digress… Join me as I march purposefully into the unchartered territory of female masturbation, and help me put it back on the MAP. OH YEAH. (ph. source unknown)

Story Time: Anxiety Is a Bitch

Following my post on depression, I thought I’d pen a post about anxiety. Cara basically looks how I feel every time I’m coaxed into a social situation. (ph via theluxuryspot)

40 Thoughts We’ve All Had While Bumping Uglies

Considering the amount of time I dedicate to pondering the state of the downstairs baguette (not a euphemism), I might title this thought-train ‘Sex and Baguettes’. Maybe that’ll be the title of my first memoir. Savvy marketing tool, too, because who *doesn’t* like at least one of those things? (ph. via the uhmayzing Sarah Bahbah and her photo-series Sex & Takeout)

Is The Blogosphere Chockablock With The Same Frocks?

Ever felt like you’re in a world-wide web of replication? Finding it hard to differentiate one fashun blogger from another? You could be suffering with a case of Blog Fog: a haziness that sets in upon witnessing the seventh photo featuring a pair of perfectly distressed, ripped jeans, offset with a classic Chanel bag and some Tony Bianco lace-up heels. Nude, rounded-off nails, optional.

I’ve Been Peacocking For Years and I Didn’t Even Know It

peacocking (noun) 1. Ostentatious dress or behaviour employed by a man in an attempt to impress women. (via wiki)

2.     The art of dressing like a mutha-fluffin’ boss in order to beguile onlookers. (But mainly just ’cause doing so gives us the good feels.)