Are We Measuring Our Lives In Likes? Discuss

Step aside FOMO, there’s a new, far less catchy, acronym in town: FONBL. That’s right, Fear Of Not Being Liked. And slowly but surely, we’re all suffering from it.

Sidenote: Please forgive my shoddy Photoshop workmanship (whilst also marvelling at the effort that went in to creating this Bey and Tay mash-up).  

What Not To Do When Making a Sex Tape

We were on holiday near a place called Heraklion. I made a joke about premature herakulation and started referring to the holiday as our ‘holidaisy’. My ego was soaring. My fake tan was fresh. Conditions were great. We decided to make a sex tape… (ph. via Tumblr)

5 Unavoidable Stages of Holiday Prep

The time of the year has arrived in which I shed all body hair, shed my many, many layers of Palmers Cocoa Butter Gradual Tan* and shed no pounds whatsoever. (Not for want of trying. Well, actually, I didn’t try. I just chose to sit on my already-beach-body-by-definition ass and eat chocolate instead.) Yup: it’s holiday time, baby. ?
(*totes collaboration/sponsorship material. I solemnly swear to continue to wear you daily, but would *love* to forgo the expenditure. COME AT ME, PALMERS! #pieandfashxpalmers) ph. via line-mag

In Defence of Not Douching

How does that inspirational, popular-on-the-gram quote go? ‘If a guy can’t handle your asshole at its worst, then he doesn’t deserve it at its best.’ Yep, I think that’s it.

Do The Hippy Shake

*The remarkability of this exclamation is put into perspective once you know that I have no plans to marry. It’s money I’d rather spend on my closet.