Sassy Dancing Lady Emoji, This Way…

Oh, Alice McCall. Your creations slay me so. I’m a broke-ass betch. A haiku, for Alice, by Daisy.

If ‘Winter White’ Is a Thing, I’m Here For It

I think I’ve reached peak cool, guys. (Photo by Tiger)

Nothing But Blue Skies Over Here, Guys

It’s a cloudy overcoat, but by no means is it overcast. ☁️

Ribbed For Your Pleasure

I think we can all agree: this feather jacket is real fucking jazzy. (Photo by Tiger)

Pink To Make Your Self-Esteem Wink ?

I don’t mean to brag (okay, I do), but I look (and feel) tha ? diggity in this gloriously peachy get-up. SUITED AND CUTE’D, BAYBEH. (Photo by Tiger)

Here’s What Happened When, After London Fashion Week, I Shit Myself

Why’s the poop emoji so smug? What’s a poo pod? Did I shit myself at LFW? Do selfie sticks have more use than one? These questions, and more, answered within. (Photo via themesltd, edited by me)

Grab Your Cape, You’ve Pulled

In which I make the case for the notorious ‘investment piece’: the fringed cape.

Andy Pandy: Unintentional Style Hero

When a jumpsuit is so damn good, it has you walking on air. #forrealtho