Cookie Monster, Eat Your Heart Out

Is it a rug? Is it a duvet? Is it a scarf? Is it Cookie Monster having a doze, wrapped strategically around my being? YOU DECIDE. (photo by Tiger)

What The Hell Is In My Bag?

I know you’ve asked yourself, probably more than once, “What DOES that chick lug around in that super cool backpack of hers?!” Fear not, my virtual friends, for I have answered your question. Once and for all. Via the medium of YouTube. LET’S DO THIS.

Potentially My Favourite Outfit, Like, EVER


Story Time: I Go To Ridiculous Lengths For Clothes

Have you ever found yourself dialling the number of every River Island in the country in a bid to hunt down a jacket? No? Oh. Just me, then. (Photo by Maurizio Cattelan & Pierpaolo Ferrari)

Dream Cheating: What Does It Actually *Mean*?

Dream-cheating: what does it mean for your relationship? Join me as I explore the realms of subconscious, mid-slumber, sexy-time. Our journey begins with a threesome of Titanic proportions. (Photo via tumblr, edited by me)

Sassy Dancing Lady Emoji, This Way…

Oh, Alice McCall. Your creations slay me so. I’m a broke-ass betch. A haiku, for Alice, by Daisy.

If ‘Winter White’ Is a Thing, I’m Here For It

I think I’ve reached peak cool, guys. (Photo by Tiger)

Nothing But Blue Skies Over Here, Guys

It’s a cloudy overcoat, but by no means is it overcast. ☁️