Lace On, Lace Up

My beloved marabou feather cardi has been well and truly used and abused – it’s looking a bit sad and sparse nowadays – but I’ll be damed if I stop wearing it before the final feather floats silently and sadly into the abyss. RIP ‘mazing marabou.

Rollin’ in Roses

“Daisy, why are you dressed as a trellis?” “Daisy, you look like an alternative power ranger”… Could you ask for better feedback on an outfit? I think not.

Photoshoot: The Big Pink

S/O to Moschino nipple belts, very Jodie Marsh circa 2003.

Caps and Slacks

I am fully aware that my hat could evoke a great deal of indifference amongst guys and dolls across the land but I actually adore it. I think I love it even more because so many people vehemently dislike it. Classic me.

White Leather Weather

This post is a bit photo heavy but that’s because I literally can’t get enough of my white leather trousers. Yep, you heard right: white leather trousers, AKA the DREAM.

Fluff Monsta

I love fluff. Fluff, fluff, fluff. If it’s furry and it fits, it will be mine. Even if it doesn’t fit, it will be mine.

What I Wear To WERK

It’s official: I dress like a kook. I spent part of last week dressed as a clown, part as a traffic cone and part as a boho builder.