OOTD: White On White On White

It’s Birkenstock weather – huzzah! I’m jubilant and deeply saddened all at once. I’m a notoriously horrible hot person. Like I get incredibly snappy the minute my sweat glands start kicking off. Love the suns gloriousity, hate the person it turns me into.

Caps and Slacks

I am fully aware that my hat could evoke a great deal of indifference amongst guys and dolls across the land but I actually adore it. I think I love it even more because so many people vehemently dislike it. Classic me.

OOTD: White Leather Weather

This post is a bit photo heavy but that’s because I literally can’t get enough of my white leather trousers. Yep, you heard right: white leather trousers, AKA the DREAM.

OOTD: Minty Fresh

It’s my birthday tomorrow, beetches! I will be turning the grand old age of 23 and I’m hitting the cocktails hard tonight so this’ll be short and sweet. Ain’t nobody got time for jibber jabber.

OOTD: Choker Face

THE SUN IS OUT. I repeat: THE SUN IS OUT. Soz for caps but this is such a rarity and I’m actually mildly excited about it. Today is an example of weather that I can get on board with; it’s sunny enough to look positively majestic but cold enough to save me from getting a sweat on.

OOTD: Little Leggy Bow Peep

Anyone who knows me knows that I am not leggy. Not one iota. Not at all. Standing at a mere 5’5″, I have been blessed with a large derriere and cursed with tiny tits. Okay, maybe ‘cursed’ is a bit strong but I do sometimes wish a smidgen of the fat from my ass could travel upward (not too much though ’cause I’m still hoping to pull Kanye and he’s clearly an ass man).

OOTD: Boyfriend Jacket Central

The Boyfriend Jacket AKA the only boyfriend you need in your life: Keeps you warm, looks good both on and off the hanger, just the right height and attracts more compliments a day than any man would ever think to give.