Jazz Pants

Feelin’ snazzy in some jazzy pants. This is my favourite kind of get-up: sassy enough to attract bemused sideway glances but also comfy enough to jazz split your way down the street. As you do.

The Unfashionable Truth About Fashion Week

Cara D and Suki rolling from exclusive pardy to exclusive pardy, street style superstars getting papped by street style photog superstars, celeb-packed FROWs, nothing but rainbow hair as far as the eye can see and Olivia P’s general effortless existence: Fashion Week as lived vicariously through Daily Mail, Vogue, Elle and Twitter looks positively majestic, but let me assure you that this view is one seen through rose-tinted glasses. Probs Miu Miu.

OOTD: Bird is the Word

I love FEATHERS. My wardrobe is awash with feathery, fluffy, furry goodness and my god what I’d give to spend my days rolling around in it all.

The Struggle

The job hunt struggle is real. All too real. You spend some time in employment and you almost forget about the soul-destroying, all-consuming noxious grey cloud that lingered over you for months beforehand, penetrating your very being and slowly crushing all the aspirations you’d ever had. Okay, okay – crushing the one aspiration I’d ever had.