Silky Pantaloons Make The World Go Round

daisy_keens_pie_and_fash_blog_topshop_ombre_silk_trousers_mongolian_fur_pink_collar_ghillie_heels_lace_up_suede daisy_keens_pie_and_fash_blog_topshop_ombre_silk_trousers_mongolian_fur_pink_collar_ghillie_heels_lace_up_suededaisy_keens_pie_and_fash_blog_topshop_ombre_silk_trousers_mongolian_fur_pink_collar_ghillie_heels_lace_up_suededaisy_keens_pie_and_fash_blog_topshop_ombre_silk_trousers_mongolian_fur_pink_collar_ghillie_heels_lace_up_suede daisy_keens_pie_and_fash_blog_topshop_ombre_silk_trousers_mongolian_fur_pink_collar_ghillie_heels_lace_up_suededaisy_keens_pie_and_fash_blog_topshop_ombre_silk_trousers_mongolian_fur_pink_collar_ghillie_heels_lace_up_suede daisy_keens_pie_and_fash_blog_topshop_ombre_silk_trousers_mongolian_fur_pink_collar_ghillie_heels_lace_up_suede daisy_keens_pie_and_fash_blog_topshop_ombre_silk_trousers_mongolian_fur_pink_collar_ghillie_heels_lace_up_suedeTopshop Mongolian Collar / ASOS Crop Top / Topshop Silky Pants (real old) / Topshop Heels / ASOS Sunnies

I bought these sensational silky trews forever ago and, to their dismay, they really haven’t got to see the world all that much. I think I bought them when I was a bit bigger (that’s what a diet of pasta, butter and cheese will do to you) and then actually wore them when I was a bit smaller but didn’t like how they fit me (due to the lack of pasta booty and thigh); but now I’ve seemingly put that weight back on and they fit like a DREAM. Silver linings and such. I’ve had many a Wardrobe Cleanse since purchasing these ombre bad boys but always had the sense to keep them – go me! – because when you know something’s a keeper, you just know. As for all my other accoutrements: just hit up Topshop and ASOS. How long does a gal gotta live in Toppers and ASOS before they give her unlimited credit?! #justsaying #butforrealtho

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