My Mind-Blowing Mongolian Biker

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Topshop Mongolian Biker Jacket / Missguided Backless Jumpsuit / Monki Cap / Underground Wulfrun Boots
/ Skeleton Hand Jewellery

CHUFFED. Chuffed was I when I spotted this bodacious biker baby casually chilling in the sale section of Oxford Circus Topshop. As with most things that feature feathers or fur, I’d had my eye on this rad jacket for tiiiiiiiime and I just knew that one day it would be mine. That day came when, whilst battling what can only be described as sickness from both ends, I dragged my lifeless body to Toppers to make some much-needed returns after realising that my bank balance was as poorly as I was. The classic thought-process took over – ‘Oh I’m here now, I may as well have a nosey around the sale. It’s the best Topshop in the UK, after all. It’d be, like, criminal if I didn’t’ – and, lo and behold, I found this Mongolian Biker gloriousity beckoning me to purchase it for half the price. Armed with a shitload of returns AND the added bonus of a Topshop voucher (merci, mumma), I left the store elevated by endorphins with only the slightest tinge of guilt and shame. A lot like how you feel after you’ve serviced yourself, supplemented with some online materials from websites I shan’t promote on this ‘ere blog.

The jumpsuit is a Missguided number, naturally (and it’s in the sale here for a meagre £12) and the riding cap is from Monki. My boyfriend despises the cap and in total fairness to him it does emphasise the roundness of my face, but that doesn’t make it any less fetch. Laydeez, IF YOU LIKE IT WEAR IT!

ph. by Tiger


    • pieandfash
      18th February 2015 / 10:08 am

      Thank you!! Haha admittedly ‘mind-blowing’ might have been a bit of a stretch but it is my precious! x

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