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  1. Betty says

    Incredibly honest and touching post. Pro choice is something woman have been fighting for for generations, it’s a shame that the struggle is very much still real. Thank you for sharing ❤️ Xxx

  2. pieandfash says

    Thank you so much!! I love your comments – they always brighten up my eve – and I’m so happy you liked this post x

  3. pieandfash says

    Thank you, Betty! Some of the diatribe attached to the hashtag was UNBELIEVABLE (although most of what is said on Twitter is unbelievable) and it saddens me deeply that someone who may have had an abortion, or may be considering an abortion, would read that bullshit and feel shameful about their choice. The world is a crazy place. Thank *you* for reading! xxx

  4. Joe Goldman says

    Good for you, Dais. You may be interested in Peter Singer, he’s an ethicist in the school of utilitarianism. He has very interesting arguments on all kinds of moral questions, including abortion.

  5. pieandfash says

    Thank you so much, Lizzie!! That’s so wonderful of you to say. And yes I totally agree: shouldn’t be deemed ballsy at all. I hope you finally caught some Z’s after reading ? xxx

  6. chanelle jade says

    Such a great read! Personally I don’t see a problem when women choose to have an abortion. If the timing isn’t right, then it isn’t right. If you’re scared of being a lone parent and don’t think you would cope etc. do what YOU need to do. Not what anyone else says. It’s your life and this is something that would change your life forever! We all know someone who has had an abortion and if anything people need to give them support. Nobody prepares anyone for the aftermath and the what if’s. Always make sure you’re there as a shoulder to cry on or if it’s yourself feel comfortable in speaking about it with people whether it be your friends, family or maybe even someone you may not see again. Don’t put yourself through hell if it has made you sad or you are struggling. It’s such an emotional process and it shouldn’t be frowned upon what so ever! xxx


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