MFW: Pucci SS14

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Pucking ‘ell. Pucci has SLAYED ME. Peter Dundas is an effing genius and if I don’t get my hands on some of the Pucci RTW SS14 threads before I pop my clogs then I’ll consider my cause on this earth unfulfilled. The Emilio Pucci SS14 collection gave a vivid interpretation of what one would look like if one were a scuba-diving, warrior of wanderlust, fiercely festival fangirl, pro-basketball player with a penchant for prints and a real love for leather, playing a game ‘pon Pluto with a suitcase full of sequins and silk ready for the post-match pardy which would be nothing short of a sensational inter-galactic showdown.
The whole shebang just screams SPACE JAM MEETS MEXICO MEETS LUXE and I, for one, am in love. Like, properly head over heels. Anyone who knows me fairly well will know that I’m in a long term relationship with wacky pants – actually, you don’t need to know me to see the pants so I guess it’s really just anyone who’s ever had the joy of gracing their eyes upon my printed limbs and not being blinded as a consequence – as well as having a thing going on with jumpsuits and an omnipresent allegiance with all things sheer and mesh… so you can only imagine my sheer adulation and titillation when I first glimpsed this unreal collection. Jaw on the floor.

Pucci has done a properly pucker job this time round. Bravo Dundas, bravo.

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