If ‘Winter White’ Is a Thing, I’m Here For It

When I looked at these photos I thought “fuck, I’m cool”, before looking down at my current ‘netflix and chill.. no, but really‘ ensemble – oversized USA sweatshirt that was previously my dad’s, oversized Adidas trackies that were previously my boyfriend’s – and thinking “yeah, still cool”. I then got off my bed, tripped over my laptop cable – because I had no autonomy of my feet whilst wearing said Adidas trews – and banged my ample forehead as I tumbled towards a bed post; a tumble that could’ve been prevented had my hands not been hiding metres up the sleeves of my jumper.
I concede: I am not cool. Tripping is not cool. Bruising is not cool. I am cool only through the medium of photographs, and sometimes not even then.

Let’s break my ‘cool’ down, anyhow:
1. The guys over at SilkFred kindly sent me a duster jacket and, I think we can all agree, it’s bawse.
2. I was handed a beautifully wrapped box the other day, the contents of which were this insane vintage Louis Vuitton backpack. I knew there and then that I’d reached peak present receiving.
3. I GOT MY GRUBBY LITTLE PAWS ON THE RIHANNA X PUMA CREEPERS! Balance in the world is rih-stored.
4. I have a newsletter (kinda cool, right?) – titled Pie & Fash in a Dash – and it’s full of GOOD THINGS. Consider it your go-to for funny, informative, often fanny-based content; the stuff that’s too long for twitter but too short for the blog. Subscribe here!

Never Fully Dressed Jacket* / French Connection Trousers / Rihanna X Puma Creepers / Gold Nixon Watch / Faux Fur Scarf / Vintage Louis Vuitton Backpacknever_fully_dressed_camel_coat_fur_popsicle_rihanna_oatmeal_creeper_puma_pie_and_fash_blognever_fully_dressed_camel_coat_fur_popsicle_rihanna_oatmeal_creeper_puma_pie_and_fash_blognever_fully_dressed_camel_coat_fur_popsicle_rihanna_oatmeal_creeper_puma_pie_and_fash_blognever_fully_dressed_camel_coat_fur_popsicle_rihanna_oatmeal_creeper_puma_pie_and_fash_blognever_fully_dressed_camel_coat_fur_popsicle_rihanna_oatmeal_creeper_puma_pie_and_fash_blognever_fully_dressed_camel_coat_fur_popsicle_rihanna_oatmeal_creeper_puma_pie_and_fash_blognever_fully_dressed_camel_coat_fur_popsicle_rihanna_oatmeal_creeper_puma_pie_and_fash_blog never_fully_dressed_camel_coat_fur_popsicle_rihanna_oatmeal_creeper_puma_pie_and_fash_blog never_fully_dressed_camel_coat_fur_popsicle_rihanna_oatmeal_creeper_puma_pie_and_fash_blogph. by Tiger


  1. 25th November 2015 / 5:45 pm

    Girl, you’re the surname of “Cool” 😉 And so is this outfit and so is the fact that you have a freaking Vuitton vintage bag as a gift 😉 That screams “cool coo-cool, cooooool”, don’t you think ahah. And tripping can be cool, as long as you laugh of yourself after it like “ahahahahah I’m so funny, I love tripping, look, no blood but a smile !”
    Have a good day !

  2. 1st December 2015 / 10:32 am

    Daisy, you pull off a duster so damned well! I (against all my good sense) thought I would order and try on yet another one. Still look like I’m wearing and definitely not rocking a dressing gown. Cringe. Hot stuff, as always. x

    • pieandfash
      1st December 2015 / 8:26 pm

      Ummmm I BET YOU LOOK BLOODY FANTASTIC IN A DUSTER!! I think you are being too critical of your fine self, and I truly believe that dressing gowns are the way forward. It’s simply an extension of the ‘underwear as outerwear’ thing. GO FORTH AND GRAB YOUR GOWN! You are glorious. xx

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