LFW: Ashish SS14

Picture the scene: you’re a wild-child – a vivacious vagabond – and you’ve wild child’d so hard you’ve found yourself causing chaos, shining on and living the dream in the Middle East with only your trusty sequinned shopper by your side, acting as a noble, sparkly steed. Finding it hard to conjure such an image? Well, Ashish Gupta brought that very vision to life with his SS14 collection. I am a hardcore Ashish fan because where you find Ashish, you find shitloads of sequins. I am a sequin fiend. Since donning my first pair of sequin harems back in 2008 (I remember the year so well due to the numerous amount of double takes and questionable looks I received) I have had an infatuation with anything and everything shimmery. Did the stares and the rolled-eyes dissuade me from donning my covetable limb apparel? Did they fuck! They spurred me on! ‘More sequins! I need more sequins!’, I would demand like a dynast drunk on power – embellishments were my fossil fuel – as I threw things off the shelves in high street stores, desperately hunting for something so blinding that I would become a light source all of my own. Electricity? Who needs it when you can bound upon this earth looking like the Sun’s skin and blister. Anyways, I heart sequins is the gist of it. I also kind of adore and admire how Ashish makes looking shit look so stylish. Typically, if I were to see a fella in overly ripped jeans and a stripey polo neck I’d think he were a bit of a scruffy fucker. But the Ashish effect turns that assumption on its ass and redefines ‘scruffy’ altogether. Clashing animal prints combine to create the perfect half-jumpsuit half-tracksuit hybrid, and stripes can be found pretty much everywhere you look. ‘Coca Cola’ slogans are lavished upon garments as well as the often frowned-upon pairing of socks and slippers. Does the vagabond give a hoot about what you think of their sock and slipper combo? A firm “no” from the nomad.

My fav look? Chloe Norgaard’s head-to-toe deep-blue embellished Coca Cola tracksuit.
All hail, Ashish; our sassy, sequinned, saviour!

ashish-ss14-1-1024x706 ashish-ss14-4photo via freakdeluxe

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