Let there be motiv(procrastin)ation!

Right. So, basically, I have decided to take up the baton and make a blog, this blog, and to nurture it and stay dedicated to it as a means of motivation within my life. You see, very recently I discovered the very news that I have been terrified of for an exhaustively long time now. That news is this: there are two kinds of people in this world, the do’ers and the non-do’ers (not very imaginative titles, granted, but to-the-point). This information as a whole is not news to the majority of us, but the shocking and unashamed truth is that I am, and must own up to being, a non-do’er. I do nothing. I have ideas spilling from every orifice of my being, brilliant schemes and great grand plans, but I do absolutely nothing to make them happen. I read inspiring tumblr quotes galore, I have a whole folder dedicated to the things!, yet I merely read them, smile at them and then save them in my folder where they will wait patiently, like loyal and wise pixelated followers, until I have a rainy day and am in need of some positive words. I can’t be sure that I know many do’ers, they seem to be a rare breed or quite a modest bunch whose gallant news of success arrives with you via the ever-growing grapevine and immediately fills you with a sense of utter resentment. I long to be one of those people.

For instance, I have spent the last five minutes of my life googling how many toilet flushes occur worldwide everyday (some of you would be supportive and suggest that this knowledge-seeking action is do’ers material but I would have to thank you for your politeness and argue otherwise). The answer? Well, there is a blinding website called worldometers.info that is tallying up and adding on the ever-increasing number of flushes all the while. As I type the number stands at 12,303,456,248. Also, did you know that the average person uses the toilet 2,500 times a year, or six to eight times daily and (this is my favourite bit) “however, not all toilet uses are followed by a flush”… Haha! The dirty scallywags. A do’er would’ve utilised those five minutes in a much more productive way, I am sure, but as it turns out I am quite chuffed with my ablution-based discoveries.

Anywho, this blog is essentially an outlet for all the wasted ideas knocking about in my noggin’, incredible words and awe-inspiring photography that I have perused through and picked up along my travels in cyber space; a message to myself that I can stick with something and make good of it if I have my heart in it. The nature of a blog is to publicise but I urge anyone who knows me not to read it for I will turn the colour of a Snow Monkey’s bottom, a discerning shade of pink.

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