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  1. Georgia says

    This is by far the most entertaining post ever! I couldn’t quite believe the title when I read it but boy what a cracker of a story! And what I mean by “I can’t quite believe it” is that it’s happened to me, this exact way! We both laughed, I died a little inside, but on the outside I let out a giggle and out my game face back on!

    I’m hooked on your blog, you are my evenings bath read! TMI?

    Georgia x

  2. pieandfash says

    Hahaha I thrive on TMI so it’s all good! I’m glad you know firsthand the embarrassment and the lols that come with unintentionally sending some foof air into your boyfriends unsuspecting mouth. Thanks for the divine words! I’m gonna put my writing game face on today and churn out some more unsexy sexcapades x

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