How To Get Extra Mileage From Your Big-Label Buys

Picture this: you’ve blown a large amount of dollar on a new bag. Obscenely large. Terrifyingly large. Maybe it wasn’t a new bag, maybe it was a new coat. Or a slammin’ piece of high-end jewellery. Or a swoon-worthy pair of heels. Whatever it was, you justify its sudden appearance in your wardrobe by uttering two, very simple, words: investment piece. But hold up and listen carefully: it really is an investment piece. You’re not lying! You know that beautiful packaging your spenny purchase came in? It’s totally wearable. Here’s how…

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The ribbon: Potentially the most repurposable of all packing accoutrements, the ribbon covering that big ol’ box can be used in a dizzying array of ways. It’s basically your new bezzie. Want to channel the 90s with a statement choker but don’t want to drop lots of ?? Wrap that bad boy round your neck and voila! Romeo done.

Not so keen on the choker hack but looking to utilise your unexpectedly brilliant accessory another way? Oh hey, hair ribbon. Congrats: you now have the chicest ‘do in town, and it’s even Willow Smith certified.

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In need of a new bracelet? Yup, we think you get the idea. In short: with every appendage comes a new ribbon-based possibility. It is, truly, the gift that keeps on giving.

Jazzy handles? Put your, now masterful, wrapping wizardry to good use and you’ll be the owner of a super swanky bag, offset by some super swanky handles. Customisation for the nation, people.

The rest: OK, so we don’t expect you to go full-throttle Solange and don some laundry bags (although she’s working the hell out of it) but instead let Bey’s stylist baby sis serve as inspo. Leave no piece of packaging unturned in your quest to maximise your big buy; a dust-bag could double-up as any number of things and a white Chanel rose (usually found on the side of a Chanel dust bag) is just crying out to be made into a statement necklace. Thank us later.

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