What Do You Do When Your Vagina Says ‘Nah-uh, Honey’?

To personify it, I’d say my vagina is less like the abrupt, rude bouncer, and more like the approachable bouncer who really *wants* to appease you and let you in but just can’t(p.s. pretty proud of my Barbie edit, if I do say so myself)

To Orgasm Or Not To Orgasm? There Is No Question

*Waiting for bae to make me orgasm like…* (That is the first and last time I will ever use the word ‘bae’. Promise.)

The Wax Chronicles: Hell-Raising Hair-Raising

I’ve searched high and low for a waxer that won’t break my bank balance, or my vagina. This shit is harder to come by than it sounds, and I’ve got the bruises to prove it.

Let’s Get To The Bottom of Rimming

Wrong hole or oh-so-right hole? I think it’s about high time that we have a frank and honest discussion about the elephant in the room and the tongue in the flume. That’s right: Rimming. (ph via Stephanie Gonot)