Dream Cheating: What Does It Actually *Mean*?

Dream-cheating: what does it mean for your relationship? Join me as I explore the realms of subconscious, mid-slumber, sexy-time. Our journey begins with a threesome of Titanic proportions. (Photo via tumblr, edited by me)

I Had An Abortion And – Guess What! – I Feel Totally Fine About It

Question: is it weird to joke with your pregnant friends about the ferocity of your pre-abortion morning sickness? This and other questions answered within. (Photo via Pinterest)

We Need To Talk About Masturbation

*Chandler voice* Could there be a more perfect image for me?! A vagina, made of DAISIES. Genius. I digress… Join me as I march purposefully into the unchartered territory of female masturbation, and help me put it back on the MAP. OH YEAH. (ph. source unknown)

40 Thoughts We’ve All Had While Bumping Uglies

Considering the amount of time I dedicate to pondering the state of the downstairs baguette (not a euphemism), I might title this thought-train ‘Sex and Baguettes’. Maybe that’ll be the title of my first memoir. Savvy marketing tool, too, because who *doesn’t* like at least one of those things? (ph. via the uhmayzing Sarah Bahbah and her photo-series Sex & Takeout)

What Not To Do When Making a Sex Tape

We were on holiday near a place called Heraklion. I made a joke about premature herakulation and started referring to the holiday as our ‘holidaisy’. My ego was soaring. My fake tan was fresh. Conditions were great. We decided to make a sex tape… (ph. via Tumblr)

In Defence of Not Douching

How does that inspirational, popular-on-the-gram quote go? ‘If a guy can’t handle your asshole at its worst, then he doesn’t deserve it at its best.’ Yep, I think that’s it.

I Fanny Farted In My Boyfriend’s Mouth

Sebastian was on to something when he sang: “Darling it’s better, down where it’s wetter”. But the little crustacean crooner didn’t warn us about fanny farts, did he?! (ph via joesdaily)

To Orgasm Or Not To Orgasm? There Is No Question

*Waiting for bae to make me orgasm like…* (That is the first and last time I will ever use the word ‘bae’. Promise.)