Hey Babycakes, Welcome To My Crib!

And by ‘crib’ I mean ‘rented flat’. And by ‘rented flat’ I mean ‘wardrobe’ because only 20 of the 192874039 disposable shots were usable. Huzzah! (Photo by Elvira, A.K.A. Bad Blogger)

Cuffing Season 101: What It Is and Why I Gave The Fuck Up

Who needs to be cuffed when there’s perfectly good unwatched eps of The Real Housewives to be binged on?! Answer: Not I. Here’s what went down during my final cuffing season. (Photo by Charlotte Audrey) (This article was originally published on Fashion Fix Daily)

Why I’m Letting My Body Hair Grow Wild This Winter

It’s quite simple, really: the shorter the day’s get, the longer my hairs get. Legs. Pits. Fanny. The tuft trifecta, if you will. (Photo by Club Clitoris) (This article was originally published on Fashion Fix Daily)

I Gave Myself a Vajacial

In a bid to reinvigorate my fanny, I attempted to give myself a vajacial. Results within. (Photo via tumblr)

What The Hell Is In My Bag?

I know you’ve asked yourself, probably more than once, “What DOES that chick lug around in that super cool backpack of hers?!” Fear not, my virtual friends, for I have answered your question. Once and for all. Via the medium of YouTube. LET’S DO THIS.

Story Time: I Go To Ridiculous Lengths For Clothes

Have you ever found yourself dialling the number of every River Island in the country in a bid to hunt down a jacket? No? Oh. Just me, then. (Photo by Maurizio Cattelan & Pierpaolo Ferrari)

Here’s What Happened When, After London Fashion Week, I Shit Myself

Why’s the poop emoji so smug? What’s a poo pod? Did I shit myself at LFW? Do selfie sticks have more use than one? These questions, and more, answered within. (Photo via themesltd, edited by me)