I Had An Abortion And – Guess What! – I Feel Totally Fine About It

Question: is it weird to joke with your pregnant friends about the ferocity of your pre-abortion morning sickness? This and other questions answered within. (Photo via Pinterest)

Why Are Periods So Taboo? Let’s Dive Into The Red Stuff

COME RIDE THE CRIMSON WAVE WITH ME and push a few haters off their boards on the way. (ph by Georgia Grace Gibson, who you should totally check out ’cause she’s crazy talented)

We Need To Talk About Masturbation

*Chandler voice* Could there be a more perfect image for me?! A vagina, made of DAISIES. Genius. I digress… Join me as I march purposefully into the unchartered territory of female masturbation, and help me put it back on the MAP. OH YEAH. (ph. source unknown)

It’s Official: We’ve Hit The Pits

The armpits, that is. How the utter fuck is it possible that, in 2015, I am writing a blogpost on the follicular state of a woman’s under-arm? In the words of Queen: “Is this the real life? Is this just fantasy? Caught in a landslide, no fucking escape from this bloody exasperating reality.” I may have ad-libbed those lyrics slightly.

To Orgasm Or Not To Orgasm? There Is No Question

*Waiting for bae to make me orgasm like…* (That is the first and last time I will ever use the word ‘bae’. Promise.)

Stop Fannying About And End Tampon Tax!

Having done the math, tampon tax has cost me £600. AKA, a pair of Stella McCartney flatforms. I’m abso DEVO.