OOTD: What I Wear To WERK #8

Ordinarily I’d write a witty paragraph or anecdote about my week but ain’t nobody got time for that today. I’ve just been hit by a delayed proseccoma after a night of alcolols and I’m feeling lackadaisical.

OOTD: What I Wear To WERK #6

Holidays are coming (holidays are coming, holidays are coming… always COCA COLA!) and I am so, so, so ready to SLEEP. I am full of the spirit of the season all year round – I start watching Elf and Miracle on 34th St in January in preparation for the looming festivities that are 12 months away; I am a Christmas whore. If it’s got fairy lights on it, I’ll visit it. If fake snow is strewn across the floor, I will grace that floor with my presence.

OOTD: What I Wear To WERK #5

Heeeeeeeeeey yaa, heeeey yaaaaa! Totally been a busy little bee recently so haven’t had time for lunchtime jaunts to snap da blog shots or provide your life with a veritable feast of tits and ass paired with a smorgasbord of sass.

What I Wear To WERK #1

I am really quite lucky in that I don’t have to don work apparel every day because, honestly, my wardrobe is monochromally minimal. Fairies, hobgoblins and bedazzled bad-ass bouji banshees spending the night on sequin-strewn acid, dancing upon a night rainbow before vivaciously vomming up an oblivion is a more accurate description of what awaits you once you open my closet doors.

LFW: Peter Pilotto SS14

Peter Pilotto *cue breathy, reflective, enraptured sigh*… the things you do! The SS14 Collection was the stuff of dreams. Like, actual dreams. Like the heady, technicolour, imp-infused dreams you dream of having instead of the one where you prance around naked like a tit, exhibiting tit, in front of people you know and then wake up in a blind panic with a serious sweat on. (ph via freakdeluxe)