My Mind-Blowing Mongolian Biker

After bagging this babe’ing Mongolian Biker, I left the store elevated by endorphins with only the slightest tinge of guilt and shame. A lot like how you feel after you’ve serviced yourself, supplemented with some online materials from websites I shan’t promote on this ‘ere blog.

Velvety Awesomeness

The cropped, padded, velvety, Michelin Man MEGA MAJAH-NESS that is this Topshop Unique Bomber Jacket is now mine. Dis love is da realest.

Camel Casj

Satisfaction [ satɪsˈfakʃ(ə)n ]
1. the feeling one experiences when discovering a fedora and a blazer, bought from separate stores, are almost exactly the same shade of camel.

Bird is the Word

I love FEATHERS. My wardrobe is awash with feathery, fluffy, furry goodness and my god what I’d give to spend my days rolling around in it all.