Do The Hippy Shake

*The remarkability of this exclamation is put into perspective once you know that I have no plans to marry. It’s money I’d rather spend on my closet.

Pie & Fash X Topshop Competition

Soooo, no biggie but glorious ol’ Toppers contacted me recently and gave me the opportunity to gift a Pie & Fash reader a £200 voucher. Did I say no biggie? Sorry I meant: HOW AMAZING IS IT THAT TOPSHOP HAVE GIVEN ME A £200 VOUCHER TO GIVE TO ONE OF YOU GUYS? Major. So major. Deets within.

SS15’s Must-Have Accessory: Confidence

In which I confront the bizarre high-school conformity of the Jane Norman paper bag and explain why confidence is key. (P.S. Is it just me or is Jane Norman thee most standard name on earth? Who calls a shop that? Same goes for the furniture store, Paul Simon. I appreciate it being your namesake but c’mon guys, spice it up a bit!)

Millie Mackintosh Feather Jacket

‘FUCK, how do I pose?! Mustn’t look at the cam. That never works out well for me. THE FLOOR! That’s it! LOOK AT THE FLOOR! All bloggers do it. It’s fine. Just act like there’s something real tasty down there. Maybe a 20 nugget box is waiting for you out of shot. That’s right. Now touch your face to suggest you’ve been captured in action. Deep and meaningful, Daisy. A-ha! NAILED IT.’

Ribbed For Your Pleasure

THIS SKIRT, man! So slinky. Slightly sporty. Ever so slitted. This baby is the definition of ‘ribbed for your pleasure’ and I, for one, am stoked about its arrival into my wardrobe.