Is The Blogosphere Chockablock With The Same Frocks?

Ever felt like you’re in a world-wide web of replication? Finding it hard to differentiate one fashun blogger from another? You could be suffering with a case of Blog Fog: a haziness that sets in upon witnessing the seventh photo featuring a pair of perfectly distressed, ripped jeans, offset with a classic Chanel bag and some Tony Bianco lace-up heels. Nude, rounded-off nails, optional.

5 Unavoidable Stages of Holiday Prep

The time of the year has arrived in which I shed all body hair, shed my many, many layers of Palmers Cocoa Butter Gradual Tan* and shed no pounds whatsoever. (Not for want of trying. Well, actually, I didn’t try. I just chose to sit on my already-beach-body-by-definition ass and eat chocolate instead.) Yup: it’s holiday time, baby. ?
(*totes collaboration/sponsorship material. I solemnly swear to continue to wear you daily, but would *love* to forgo the expenditure. COME AT ME, PALMERS! #pieandfashxpalmers) ph. via line-mag