Sassy Dancing Lady Emoji, This Way…

Oh, Alice McCall. Your creations slay me so. I’m a broke-ass betch. A haiku, for Alice, by Daisy.

If ‘Winter White’ Is a Thing, I’m Here For It

I think I’ve reached peak cool, guys. (Photo by Tiger)

Nothing But Blue Skies Over Here, Guys

It’s a cloudy overcoat, but by no means is it overcast. ☁️

Ribbed For Your Pleasure

I think we can all agree: this feather jacket is real fucking jazzy. (Photo by Tiger)

Pink To Make Your Self-Esteem Wink ?

I don’t mean to brag (okay, I do), but I look (and feel) tha ? diggity in this gloriously peachy get-up. SUITED AND CUTE’D, BAYBEH. (Photo by Tiger)

Grab Your Cape, You’ve Pulled

In which I make the case for the notorious ‘investment piece’: the fringed cape.

Andy Pandy: Unintentional Style Hero

When a jumpsuit is so damn good, it has you walking on air. #forrealtho

I Can’t Get Enough of Your Fluff, Baby

When bad poses happen to good people, and even better clothes.