How To Dress For Winter While Keeping One Foot Firmly In Summer

It’s niche, sure, but necessary; here’s how to ace dressing for winter with the help of your sunshine regalia. (This article was originally published on Fashion Fix Daily)

Bras Are Out, Glitter Nipples Are In ✨

The time to deck your nips out in glitter is now, people. Consider your body a dance floor and your boobs the disco ball. ✨ (This article was originally published on Cosmopolitan)

All The Ways You Can Legit Wear Pyjamas From AM to PM

Current status: wearing pyjamas as standard daytime attire. And you know what? It’s the dreamiest decision I’ve ever made. (This article was originally published on ASOS Likes)

Making a Case for Culottes

The proportions of this get-up reminds me of a tiered dessert. A wedding cake, perhaps. But also of a toothpaste tube. Suffice to say, I feel very conflicted.

To Thong Or Not To Thong? That Is The Question

The thong: the underwear world’s most, ahem, divisive topic. But should the 00s favourite stay upon the velour-clad bums of yesteryear? Let’s unravel it. (This article was originally published on ASOS Likes)

Cookie Monster, Eat Your Heart Out

Is it a rug? Is it a duvet? Is it a scarf? Is it Cookie Monster having a doze, wrapped strategically around my being? YOU DECIDE. (photo by Tiger)

Potentially My Favourite Outfit, Like, EVER


Story Time: I Go To Ridiculous Lengths For Clothes

Have you ever found yourself dialling the number of every River Island in the country in a bid to hunt down a jacket? No? Oh. Just me, then. (Photo by Maurizio Cattelan & Pierpaolo Ferrari)