Here’s How I Sartorially Navigate My Impossibly Bloated IBS Belly

I’m just a girl, standing in front of a bloat, asking it not to fuck with her outfit.

4 Reasons Your Wardrobe Srsly Needs A Suit, As Illustrated By Me In 4 Slammin’ Suits

In which I wax lyrical about my metamorphosis from mere mortal to suit-clad superhero and implore you to join my well-dressed squadron.

Hey Babycakes, Welcome To My Crib!

And by ‘crib’ I mean ‘rented flat’. And by ‘rented flat’ I mean ‘wardrobe’ because only 20 of the 192874039 disposable shots were usable. Huzzah! (Photo by Elvira, A.K.A. Bad Blogger)

How One Viral Photo Of My Nipples Sparked A Jewellery Collection

Disco tits! Glitter boobs! Bedazzled bangers! ICED GEMS! Swarovski slammers! Majestic mammaries! Blinged-up babylons! Jazzed-the-fuck-up jugs! Whatever you call ’em, they’re part of my collection with Ruth Melbourne.

I Tried On The Entirety Of Warehouse So That You Don’t Have To

I feel it’s only right to bestow upon you this crucial piece of clothes-based info: Warehouse is where it’s at. (This article was originally published on The Debrief)

Sale Shopping 101: How To Bag Bargain Swag

Pull up a seat and whip out your notebook because you’re about to be schooled in the art of sale shopping. (This article was originally published on Fashion Fix Daily)

I Finally Got My Mitts On My Dream Dress

A dress so good, it deserves its own post. So here it is. (Photo by Sophie Lake)