Fifties Housewife Steez

 I feel a bit like Lily Allen, circa her soar to fame, donning this housewife-cum-street combo. Ol’ Lil used to be (still is? IDK) an advocate for the pairing of prom dresses and casual kicks. Indeed, her doing so saw Karl Lagerfeld replicate her signature style in his Chanel SS14 couture show; such is the power of a rockin’ dress and some casj creps. I digress. This cutesy two-piece is part of the ASOS White collection and it’s a gal best friend. I usually opt for denim shorts in the summertime and, whilst they may look awesome teamed with mostly everything else in your wardrobe, they’re practicality levels are 0. AKA, they tear my fanny to shreds. This checked baby, however, left my fanny ecstatic: room to manoeuvre; no thigh fat bursting unceremoniously from the seams when I finally rest my weary hiney; no intense, unpleasurable rubbing-up of my nether-regions and plenty of sweet summer breeze. No wonder Lily’s such a fan.

ASOS White Top / ASOS White Skirt / Nike Air Max / ASOS Sunglassesasos_white_yellow_white_organza_two_piece_skirt_crop_top_nike_air_max_daisy_keens_pie_and_fash_blogasos_white_yellow_white_organza_two_piece_skirt_crop_top_nike_air_max_daisy_keens_pie_and_fash_blogasos_white_yellow_white_organza_two_piece_skirt_crop_top_nike_air_max_daisy_keens_pie_and_fash_blog asos_white_yellow_white_organza_two_piece_skirt_crop_top_nike_air_max_daisy_keens_pie_and_fash_blog asos_white_yellow_white_organza_two_piece_skirt_crop_top_nike_air_max_daisy_keens_pie_and_fash_blog asos_white_yellow_white_organza_two_piece_skirt_crop_top_nike_air_max_daisy_keens_pie_and_fash_blog asos_white_yellow_white_organza_two_piece_skirt_crop_top_nike_air_max_daisy_keens_pie_and_fash_blogasos_white_yellow_white_organza_two_piece_skirt_crop_top_nike_air_max_daisy_keens_pie_and_fash_blog ph. by Tiger


  1. 26th April 2015 / 7:50 pm

    I’d say this was more 50s housewife (which sometimes I kinda feel I am a bit, and kinda wish I was a teeny bit) but I adore it! Could totes see you at Rydell High chasing after a T- Bird xx

    • pieandfash
      26th April 2015 / 8:35 pm

      Sank you, dahling! And I make you right – corrected! Gotta love a T-bird xx

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